Essex Street Market

Among the thousands of candy corners in New York City, Roni-Sues’s Chocolates has been churning out innovative chocolate treats for nearly 30 years.

Located at Essex Street Market, Roni-Sue’s offers a wide array of chocolate goodies, many of which are unheard of in other parts of the city. Blending meats and chocolate the store appeals to a wide range of food fanatics. Some of their best sellers include Pig Candy (or chocolate covered bacon!) and Maple/Bacon Lollipops.

Rhonda Kave, storeowner and chocolatiere, has always been a gifted cook. Mrs. Kave first worked at a beauty supply shop, an experience she said helped her learn the business side of things. She was approached to start a store several times. After doing 10 years of social work, and having two children, she finally decided to start the store because “the time was right.”

The Butter Crunch candy is one of the store’s most popular. Its rich aroma has one salivating before it even touches the tongue. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, it melts in the mouth with a blast of chocolaty goodness. It is easy to see why the store has such a loyal following.

As Mrs. Kave proudly spoke about one of her most popular candies soft Spanish music filled the air. A small, homely market, Essex Street was the perfect location for the little chocolate shoppe. The vendors greeted all with consummate ease. Each and every storeowner seemed to know the other.

Mrs. Kave certainly valued the opinion of her daily companions. When asked where she got the idea for her meaty chocolaty concoctions, Mrs. Kave smiled, looked across at the meat vendors flanking her stall and said, “while talking to a vendor at the market.”


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